Specialty Fabrics Review: On a Mission

June 4th, 2019, 3:30 PM

Michele Quadri-Butterfield was raised in the business founded by her grandparents. Today, she's the "mother force" of Al's Awning Shop.

"The mission of Al's Awning Shop is to be the leading provider of quality fabric solutions and to be dedicated to providing professional customer service and exceptional products," says owner Michele Quadri-Butterfield. "Fabric solutions is key for me. It's about taking a fabric and helping the customer find the solution they want. They don't always even realize that there's a question that we are answering. Some people just say, 'I have this deck and I need it covered.' But what do you want to do there? And why do you want to do it with fabric?"

Quadri-Butterfield grew up in Al's Awning Shop in Erie, Pa., but when it came to establishing herself as the third-generation owner, she turned to the small business development program at Gannon University in Erie and Athena International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and supporting women leaders. Athena International pushed her to write the mission statement. Today, it's posted all over the shop.

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