Why Choose Al's Awning Shop in Erie, PA?

Al's Awning Shop offers a wide variety of awning solutions for your residential, commercial or industrial needs. The staff at Al's Awning Shop custom design all of the awnings and there are numerous color and style options available. There are many benefits in choosing Al's Awning Shop including:

  • Affordable - high-value elements that add to your home or business.
  • Aesthetic Appeal - Each alters the mood, color, and ambiance of a structure.
  • Design Accentuation - awnings transform a non-descript building.
  • Easily Changeable - awnings can be removed without affecting the structure beneath.
  • Extended Space - adding an awning can create an outdoor living space.
  • Weather Protection from the elements.
  • Identification/Branding.
  • Energy Savings - Awnings help save money on energy consumption and do not require ongoing energy to operate as air conditioning and fans do.


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