My Awning Needs Maintenance: Cleaning, Repair, and Takedown Services

Looking for retractable or stationary awning maintenance in Erie, Pa? Here at Al's Awnings, we can handle installations, cleaning, and repairs! Just because our awnings are sturdy and meant to withstand all types of weather does not mean they are invincible. You should inspect the fabric yearly for signs of wear and tear. It is not uncommon to find a tear or notice some threads deteriorating at the 5-7 year mark of having your awning. If you notice this happening, please contact us to get an estimate for your awning repair. The average lifespan of a fabric awning is around 12 years, and with regular cleaning and maintenance, you can extend that lifespan to around 15 or more years. 

Additionally, we offer several types of maintenance services to keep your awning looking crisp and rip-free so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces all summer long! Explore what Al's Can do for you.


Common Repairs Offered by Al's Awnings

These are some of the most common repairs we see year after year. These terms will help you understand what we look at when caring for your awnings. 

    • A total restitch will repair deteriorating threads 
    • We can replace the binding if an edge or border is falling off 
    • If the awning is sagging and puddles are occurring, the awning may need the hem taken up 
    • Reinforcing corners with tears 
    • Patching up holes
    • Repairing broken zippers
    • Awning cleaning services

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Does Your Awning Look Dirty?

We recommend cleaning your awning at least 2-3 times during the lifespan of your awning. We offer this service every winter. Check out our page on our cleaning services for more information and to get an estimate on how much it would cost to clean your awning.

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