Covered Walkways and Canopies in Erie, PA

Entrance canopies and covered walkways can be extremely useful in leading visitors to the appropriate entrance as well as provide protection from the elements. Al's Awning Shop can custom design an entrance canopy or covered walkway that specifically fits your needs.

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Why Choose Al's Awning Shop for Your Walkway Awnings?

Welcome customers into your business through a covered walkway that protects them from the rain, sun, and snow. Let them know that your business is hospitable, friendly, and somewhere they'll feel comfortable by making an investment in this type of commercial awning. 

Not only do entrance canopies and covered walkways provide protection from the weather and direct visitors to the correct entrance, but they also serve as a design feature to the exterior of your business. Most of our entrance canopies and covered walkways are made of vinyl to ensure the best winter protection possible.

No matter the style you decide on for your custom walkway awning or canopy, you can rest assured that you've made the right choice by partnering with Al's Awning Shop. Reach out today for a free quote! 


Welcome Guests with a Covered Walkway 

Optional features of walkway covers and canopies from Al's Awning Shop:

Weather Protection Panel

Add clear weather protection panels to the sides of your walkway awning to block blowing wind and drafts.

Adjustable Drop Curtains

Pair your walkway awning or commercial canopy with drop curtains for even more winter protection. 

Overall Sidewalk Protection

Keep your walkways clear of puddles and falling leaves from nearby trees with a walkway awning.

Custom Business Logo

Display your brand beautifully by adding a custom logo to your walkway cover or canopy.

Client Success Stories

Great service, beautiful awning. Michele is very knowledgeable and will find the perfect awning for you. She will also make sure it is professionally removed and stored each winter. It's effortless thanks to Michele.
Barbara W.

We love Michelle and the Al's team. Fast and efficient service and attractive professional made to order products. Will definately use them again.
Anita M.

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