Outdoor Smoking Enclosures for Businesses in Erie, PA

Adding a smoking enclosure to your business's patio area benefits both the smokers and non-smokers you entertain, and lets all customers know that you care. Outdoor smoking enclosures help save non-smokers from secondhand smoke while giving smokers a designated smoking area that is blocked from the wind and protected from rain and snow.  Al's Awning Shop offers custom-designed outdoor smoking enclosures to serve this very purpose.

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Why Choose Al's Awning for Smoking Enclosures? 

Most outdoor smoking enclosures can be equipped with benches to provide a seating area and ashcans to prevent littering. 

This means that, even if you are a smoke-free business, you may benefit from having a "smoking enclosure" because they are nothing more than a protected outdoor area designed to let people stand or sit comfortably.

Did you know outdoor smoking enclosures can also act as convenient bus stops and provide people with protection from the elements?

The staff at Al's Awning Shop will work with you to determine the best outdoor enclosure solution to perfectly complement your building architecture and design.

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A few benefits of installing outdoor smoking enclosures include:

Clean and welcoming entryways

Reduce the smell of smoke and the amount of littering that often comes with the habit by providing the tools for people to enjoy their smoke and discreetly throw away garbage all in one place.

A safe and protected space

Give customers a designated smoking area that is safe and secure. After all, someone shouldn't have to stand out in the dark or rain without protection just because they smoke occasionally!

Remove non-smoker concerns

Let non-smokers enjoy even the outdoor spaces at your business without the effects of secondhand smoke, that range from annoying to harmful. Your customers will thank you. 

Follows laws and smoking bans

Make sure your business is compliant with state and federal smoking laws without turning away customers who may wish to smoke while visiting by opting to have a designated smoking area.

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