Winter Enclosures to Benefit Your Business in Erie, PA

Al's Awning Shop builds different types of winter enclosures in Erie, PA that offer a variety of benefits for your business. Winter enclosures are custom-made with frames and heavy duty vinyl curtains intended to protect your storefront against most winter weather conditions.

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Why  Choose Al's Awning for Your Winter Enclosure?

Winter enclosures are perfect for blocking the cold wind and frigid snow that winters in Erie, PA are known for. Based in this snow belt city, Al's Awning Shop knows these harsh conditions first hand. They also know how disappointing it can be for customers to not be able to go outside in the winter without getting snowed on! Our experience with winter weather makes our winter enclosures intuitive and conducive to stopping some of the worst negative effects of the season from keeping your guests inside. 

Winter enclosures come in a variety of forms including an outdoor smoking enclosure, winter entryway protection, temporary vestibules, and more. There are also a few residential uses including additional winter storage space, or just to protect a sunroom from the winter weather. Protect your storefront or entryway from harsh weather conditions with a winter enclosure. 

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Benefits of Winter Enclosures for Businesses

Offer an outdoor smoking section

Offer patrons and visitors who smoke a protected smoking space where they can smoke in peace without winter precipitation.

Protect your deck or patio

It's no secret that winter weather is harsh. That goes for plants, animals, and patios! Protect your deck through the coldest months.

Extend the use of your outdoor space

Get the most out of the outdoor spaces you love all year round! Protect from the harsh winter wind and icy precipitation.

Client Success Stories

Great service, beautiful awning. Michele is very knowledgeable and will find the perfect awning for you. She will also make sure it is professionally removed and stored each winter. It's effortless thanks to Michele.
Barbara W.

Been using Al's Awning since we purchased our home in 2013 and am very pleased with the service, quality, and pricing of their product and service. They maintain our awnings during the off season ensuring that your investment is in good working order for the upcoming season. I love that for a nominal fee, I can select dates for installation and removal of my awnings which allows me to plan outdoor patio/deck gatherings with confidence and not fear cancellations due to rain/inclimate weather. Al's Awning ins
Tracey K.

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