Residential Awnings in Erie, PA

Al's Awning Shop offers high-quality residential awning custom design solutions. Patio awnings or stationary awnings create the perfect addition to your home's outdoor living space. Whether you choose canvas, or retractable awnings, we can ensure you will be satisfied with your new addition to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Al's Awning Shop has a wide range of color options and fabrics for residential awnings in order to reflect your style perfectly.

Al's Awning Shop offers a wide array of residential awning solutions such as:

There are many benefits to installing residential awnings such as lower air conditioning costs and reduced wear-and-tear, increased comfort, and reduced carbon footprint. Solar gain is your loss, and when the sun burns in through the windows, your air conditioner has to work harder. Residential awnings can help reduce the energy it takes to cool your home as much as 39% and reduce heat gain as much as 77%.

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