Custom Stationary Awnings for Your Home in Erie, PA

Al's Awning Shop will install a stationary awning at your home and instantly transform your patio into an additional living and entertaining space for family and friends. Stationary awnings combine functional elegance with decorative appeal to enhance the architecture of any home. Not to mention, they offer protection from the elements so you can enjoy the outdoors more frequently and while comfortably seated below your custom stationary awning.

Why Choose Al's Awning Shop?

In Erie, PA you won't find custom stationary awnings of this high of quality by anyone other than Al's Awning Shop. No surprise there, though, as Al's has over 70 years of experience designing, crafting, installing, and maintaining stationary, aluminum, and SunSetter-style retractable awnings

Stationary awnings from Al's come in a wide variety of design options, which include custom patio canopy fabrics. Our fabrics come from industry leaders, Sunbrella Fabrics. And as Sunbrella puts it, the quality of these canopies is, "Often imitated. Never duplicated." 

Our staff takes pride in being truly knowledgeable in all things residential awnings. We will work with you to figure out which style works best for your home. Reach out today to get a quote!


Thinking of installing an awning for your home?
Learn more about the benefits of a custom stationary awning from Al's.

Cost Savings

Stationary awnings reduce air conditioning costs during the hot summer months leading to cost savings in the long run.

Weather Protection

Awnings protect patio furniture from sun exposure as well as doors, windows, and entryways from the Erie elements.

Additional Space

A custom patio canopy provides additional living space and also allows you to entertain guests outdoors.

Curb Appeal

A stationary canopy will enhance the appearance of any front or back yard or garden.

Which Awning is Right for Me?

Stationary Awning

  • Fixed to a home using frame set on patio or deck and screws, securely affixed to the home
  • Can add curtains to enclose for more weather protection and privacy
  • One-and-done installation that will last for years
  • May limit the amount of sun to come into home during different seasons

  • Fabric must be removed for the winter season while the frame stays up year-round

Retractable Awning

  • Leaves patio or deck free of supporting frame as it is installed only to home siding

  • At the touch of a button; sun, shade, and lights
  • Ideal for rooms that get overly hot from sun in warmer months, but require natural lighting during alternate seasons

  • Creates temporary shade when needed without the permanent structure
  • Moving parts make retractable awnings initially more expensive

Have Questions?

Don't see your question answered in our FAQs? Send us a message! We pride our staff in being truly knowledgeable about all types of awnings and are happy to help you figure out the best type of awning for your home or business. 

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