Awning Repair Services: Extend the Life of Your Awning

The staff at Al's Awning Shop has extensive experience doing canvas awning repairs for clients. Our team has years of knowledge in different types of fabrics and awning materials that equip them for any job that comes into the shop. Al's offers services to maintain stationary canopies, window awnings, porch valances, and outdoor curtains, as well as retractable awning repair. 

Repairing an awning when you first notice the signs of age, or damage is the best way to ensure that your awning will remain aesthetically pleasing and effective through the years. Additionally, proper maintenance and repairs completed by a highly trained staff protect your awning and extend its life in a cost-effective way. We also offer complete replacements for when your awning has seen its entire lifespan. 

Why Choose Al's Awning Shop for Your Awning Repairs? 

Al's Awning Shop is known regionally for its workmanship designing and installing custom awnings. When you put decades of experience, time, and care into something, there is an inherent passion to maintain your creation.

Awning Repair Services Include:

  • Restitching
  • Awning hole repair
  • Braiding repairs

Not only does Al's Awning Shop repair awnings, but we also repair a variety of other products such as custom-made flags, outdoor curtains, stationary canopies, and porch valances. You can rely on the staff of Al's Awning Shop to determine the best solution for your awning repair needs.

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Residential Awning Cleaning Services by Al's Awning Shop in Erie, PA

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