Awning Takedown Services in Erie, PA

Awning Takedown Services by Al's Awning Shop in Erie, PA

There are several styles of seasonal awnings that typically require to be taken down and stored during winter. By taking down your awnings and storing them properly, you can extend the life of your awnings as well as allow the sun to heat up your home naturally. The staff at Al's Awning Shop can help takedown, store and put up your awnings, curtains or canopies.

Our seasonal awning takedown services involve three steps:

  • Awning Takedown
  • Awning Storage
  • Awning Re-Installation

Generally, the frames for free standing awnings stay up all year round and the fabric is removed to avoid heavy loads of snow. We provide awning storage services in our climate controlled facility. After winter is over, we will then properly re-install the awnings back in place for you. When working with Al's Awning Shop, you can be sure to have the best quality customer service around.

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