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Al's Awning Shop Inc. provides a limited warranty on our products for a period of 5 years, beginning on the date of installation.

Our warranty includes: new framework, heat welded fabric seams, sewing of fabric, attachment of fabric to framework, and original installation by our skilled installers.

Our warranty does not cover: repairs due to age, burn damage, digitally printed graphics, failure to maintain, misuse, abuse, vandalism, animal damage, installation by others, failure of the structure to which the awning is attached, damage from severe weather, acts of God, nature, or other reasons beyond our control. 

It does not cover damage to retractable awning components, exterior drop shades, non-fixed shades or curtain products used during inclement condition. "If it is too windy for you to be outside it is too windy for your awning to be out."

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All products are custom made and designed for your specific needs. Therefore this order is not subject to cancellation.

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